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  1. Watch: Woman dragged off flight by police in Detroit
  2. Man filmed stealing package from front porch gets stinky surprise
  3. "Seeing eye camel" serves as guide for blind horse
  4. Illinois custodian becomes millionaire after big lottery win
  5. Fish tale! N.C. man hooks 112-lb. catfish
  6. Beaver on aisle 5! Furry rodent visits Maryland dollar store
  7. U.K.'s new bank note "unacceptable" to vegans, vegetarians
  8. Delaware woman, 85, serves as flower girl at best friendís wedding
  9. Kansas park cameras capture monsters, Santa and more
  10. Video: Fla. man runs over own leg after leaving strip club
  11. Kentucky court says mentally incompetent man cannot seek divorce
  12. Pa. councilwoman resigning after "threat" to beat man with his prosthetic leg
  13. Library cat outlasts councilman that wanted him gone
  14. Okla. football coach fakes out media over claimed meeting with Trump
  15. Friendly pig helping holiday travelers deal with the stress
  16. Little-known illness tied to smoking weed on the rise
  17. The internet is flummoxed by this optical illusion of six girls with only five pairs
  18. New species wash up dead on N.S. beaches
  19. Thieves in Italy targeting precious Parmesean
  20. NFL players get surprise accessory for shotgun gifts from Philly QB
  21. Scalpel or spatula? Medical students have new required cooking course
  22. Camel racing with robot jockeys
  23. Try to make it through this video of one snake eating another
  24. One-of-a-kind WWII-era glass penny to be auctioned
  25. "Extremely rare" whale washes up along the Jersey Shore
  26. Paralyzed cat back on all fours thanks to veterinarians in California
  27. Rogue llama prompts comical response from sheriff's office
  28. No Pants Subway Ride 2017
  29. 50-lb. dumbbell crashes through SUV's windshield on N.J. Turnpike
  30. TV news anchor's report accidentally sets off viewers' Amazon's Echo Dots
  31. Dog saves injured owner from freezing to death in the snow
  32. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg responds to 8-year-old girl who dressed like her
  33. In a first, woman gets top spot under Ringling Brothers big top
  34. What are the odds? Mom, dad, son all share a birthday
  35. Video captures massive gator on stroll at Fla. reserve
  36. Friends catch mako shark doing backflips through the air
  37. Tractor-trailer swallowed by sinkhole in Georgia
  38. The secret behind African "fairy circles"
  39. Small honor: Tiny moth named for Trump
  40. Did Trump channel a Batman villain in his inauguration speech?
  41. Oops! George W. Bush struggles with his poncho at Trump's inauguration
  42. Family adopts "micro pig," then it grows to 650 pounds
  43. Texas teacher suspended over anti-Trump stunt
  44. Pro wrestler tackles tiny opponents for his day job
  45. Ohio girl with cancer ticks off shocking bucket list item
  46. Beware D.C.! Bobcat on the loose
  47. Moose falls into basement of Idaho home
  48. D.C. schools cancel recess over escaped bobcat
  49. Jaguar surprises Penn. zoo staff with new twins
  50. European Parliament member holds "he's lying to you" sign behind U.K. pol
  51. Teenagers crash car into swimming pool on way to school
  52. Ollie the bobcat found, National Zoo says
  53. Man credits heart surgeon with saving his life -- twice!
  54. Superfan heads to Super Bowl for 51st time
  55. Chicago aquarium euthanizes more than 90-year-old lungfish
  56. Rare white lion cubs unveiled at German zoo
  57. Oops! Boston Globe early edition makes wrong call on Super Bowl
  58. Corruption tour shines light on murky world of graft in Mexico
  59. Cheeto some feel looks like Harambe draws big bucks on eBay
  60. Tennessee prison visitors get surprising security stamp on hands
  61. Penn. bald eagle spotted with leg trap clamped to talon
  62. Man builds church of snow for village without chapel
  63. Oldest American, Adele Dunlap, dead at 114
  64. Ancient sarcophagus returned to Greece, nearly 30 years after it was stolen
  65. Spooked passengers deplane after pilot's bizarre rant on intercom
  66. Portugal presents evidence for Portugal nun's beatification
  67. Atlanta zoo loses bet, names tiny cockroach after Tom Brady
  68. Plane collides with deer in Charlotte, N.C.
  69. Kansas State president dismayed by "vulgar chant"
  70. Diminutive college basketball star defying the odds
  71. Fifth-grader asks police dept. for help with homework
  72. Baltimore surgeon gives boy new hand using his foot bones
  73. Doctoral candidate discovers early Walt Whitman novel
  74. Tiny new frog species found in India
  75. Fearing "feral hog apocalypse," Texas approves drastic measures
  76. Alarm in Chicago over bugs on the subway
  77. President of Iceland reassures nation he won't ban pineapple pizza
  78. Okla. town discards decades-old dancing ban
  79. BMW in which Tupac Shakur was fatally shot is for sale for $1.5M
  80. Man sentenced to prison for performing bizarre ritual to honor rap-metal band
  81. Woman wins custody battle against NASA for bag of moon dust
  82. Accused toe-sucker faces new claims of unwanted foot touching
  83. Why a patchy bit of old mold sold for more than $14,000
  84. Wallet lost in 1952 returned to owner's son
  85. Mystery over natural phenomenon at Minnesota waterfall finally solved
  86. Caught on tape: Sacramento motorist blows through 3 stoplights -- driving backwards!
  87. Bizarre scene caught on video: Wild turkeys circle dead cat
  88. Denver Zoo giraffe has baby, after getting pregnant on birth control
  89. City employee busted for living in makeshift bedroom at work
  90. FDA: Warning on "rat meat" chicken wings was fake news
  91. Michigan man gets size-28 shoes thanks to 3-D printer
  92. Calif. police find 2 calves crammed inside car
  93. Brooklyn parking spot up for sale has massive price tag
  94. College student juggles his way out of a traffic ticket
  95. Lawyer's pants catch fire during arson trial
  96. Are these skydiving dogs poachers' worst enemies?
  97. Gators! Dozens of alligators flock to Florida sinkhole as hikers gawk
  98. Ohio town evicting 100-pound potbellied pig
  99. Book filled with blank pages tops Amazon's best-seller list
  100. Did you hear the one about the chilly chicken?
  101. Winter storm leaves N.Y. house completely frozen
  102. 86-year-old alleged jewel thief arrested after missing court
  103. 2-foot-long cobra on the loose in Florida neighborhood
  104. Naked man stuck in vent thought it was a "wishing well"
  105. 67-year-old Texas woman climbs tree to protest unwanted trimming
  106. Man lip syncs "All By Myself" on snowy commute to work
  107. Sea lion named "Mr. Leisure" evades capture in canal for second day
  108. Pentagon to employees: Don't crash our network streaming March Madness at work
  109. Dine-and-dash dater strikes again in Los Angeles
  110. Awkward? Trump and Merkel didn't shake hands in Oval Office photo op
  111. Being alive isn't stopping this man from holding his own memorial service
  112. Garbage truck driver arrested after truck strikes several cars
  113. Afghan soldier shoots, wounds 3 U.S. troops
  114. Glen Campbell's wife to other Alzheimer's caregivers: You are not alone
  115. North Korea tests new rocket engine
  116. Political dogfight over Supreme Court finally reaches Senate
  117. Lawmakers: No evidence to back Trump's wiretap claims against Obama
  118. Man who published early obit dies after event celebrating life
  119. Poll: President Trump's approval rating hits a new low
  120. Family catches stranger on video pouring chemical on child's playset
  121. 'Deadliest Catch': Allegations against Sig Hansen 'does not impact the show'
  122. The Latest: Man arrested at White House says he's telepathic
  123. Woman poured bleach on boyfriend's dog during argument, police say
  124. Ohio police officers who shot, injured teen won't be charged
  125. NY boy playing with brother falls into icy river, dies
  126. Man who pulled out weapon at US Capitol sentenced to jail
  127. Michigan man to give nearly all of his $500,000 lottery win to parents
  128. Finally, a much-needed answer to that terrifying "big chicken" video
  129. Mystery of the giant metal die solved in Idaho
  130. Snake on a plane gets free ride in Alaska
  131. Turtle nicknamed "Piggy Bank" dies after swallowing coins
  132. Closer US-Russia ties uncertain as Tillerson plans trip
  133. Police: Mom let 2-year-old handle gun before shooting
  134. TSA: Teen denied flight to US due to Turkish airline's issue
  135. Police say 100,000 dashboard cam files accidentally deleted
  136. Pennsylvania college student dies after skateboarding accident on campus
  137. Officials: Man charged in school rape entered US illegally
  138. Florida woman arrested after 3-year-old grabs loaded gun, fires it
  139. Military seeks new ways to punish bad online behavior
  140. Va. woman showing friend how to play lotto game wins $1M
  141. Calif. dog owner fights to reclaim pit bulls that killed a man and his pet
  142. New footage shows President Hoover and family in color
  143. Officials: Deputy shoots man who lunged at her with knife
  144. Police: Teen accused of sexually assaulting 2 on school bus
  145. She thought someone passed out drunk. Then she saw a uniform
  146. The Latest: Court reviews practice of prayers at meetings
  147. The Latest: Mom says teen sex assault victim getting threats
  148. Vietnam vet searches for Good Samaritan who paid for his meal
  149. Lawmakers want details on Flynn's foreign contacts, payments
  150. Michigan dashcam video shows trooper attack, rescue by Good Samaritans
  151. Facebook rape stirs questions about witnessing crimes online
  152. Air Force Weighs Retiring F-15C/D Fighter in Mid-2020s
  153. Member of counterfeit CD and DVD ring gets 5 years
  154. Biden mocks Trump's allegation that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower
  155. Little girl snatches Pope Francis's skullcap
  156. Islamic television station in Senegal blames saboteur for airing hardcore porn
  157. What role did Russia play in the election? The FBI is on it
  158. "Skippy" the cat had head stuck inside peanut butter jar
  159. Proposed skyscraper could add twist to iconic skyline
  160. Pennsylvania man wanted in killing of 4-year-old is caught
  161. Judge refuses to cut sentence for man convicted of killing 3
  162. VA urges 'hiring surge' to reduce veterans' appeals backlog
  163. Utah governor says he will approve strictest DUI limit in US
  164. Officials: Man in trafficking case forced tattoos on victims
  165. Man arrested in abduction of Alabama woman who escaped from trunk
  166. London terror attack: Utah man killed, wife seriously hurt in rampage
  167. WWII vet wins $300,000 lottery for 94th birthday
  168. Naked group stages disruption by notorious Nazi camp gate
  169. Police: Florida man cited for eating pancakes in the street
  170. Nevada officials confirm first wolf in state since 1922
  171. Army to Require Soldiers to Test for Expert Action Badge
  172. FBI searches for SC teen feared to have been fed to alligators
  173. Missouri man arrives at hospital with mouth glued shut, cops say
  174. Marine Trademark Office Quietly Joins Fight Against Online Misogyny
  175. French fighter jets stage flyover over New York harbor
  176. Storm destroys church as threat continues in Midwest, South
  177. Report: University leader got fitness freebies
  178. Lawyer for bomb suspect wants attempted murder trial moved
  179. American guilty of attacking Japanese tourist gets 22 years
  180. Korean War soldier from Massachusetts to get final farewell
  181. Ex-CIA chief: Flynn's firm discussed removing cleric from US
  182. Thousands pay tribute to NYC medic run over by stolen ambulance
  183. US military plane makes emergency landing in Indonesia
  184. Elderly couple on wrong flight; end up in NY, not Michigan
  185. Marine veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan sworn in as NY police officer
  186. Vietnam vet awarded Bronze Star for bravery in battle
  187. Police evacuate popular beach to investigate possible bomb
  188. Suspect surrenders after Las Vegas shooting that left 1 dead
  189. Verdict turns page in Penn State child molestation scandal
  190. Violence breaks out at pro-Trump rally in California
  191. Trump Tower resident wrongly rented out on Airbnb, says NYC
  192. First trial in 2015 Texas biker shootout delayed by judge
  193. 1 Dead, Suspect Surrenders in Las Vegas Strip Bus Shooting and Standoff
  194. Arkansas Faces Another Hurdle in Upcoming 8 Executions ó Finding Witnesses
  195. Double amputee, Marine veteran sworn-in as N.Y. police officer
  196. Russian Spy Ship Back on East Coast but Making No Waves in Washington
  197. Cincinnati nightclub shooting: At least 1 dead, 15 people shot at venue
  198. Colorado high school student murders: New arrests made, police say
  199. 4-year-old gets star treatment as honorary Boston police officer
  200. Ahoy, justices! Floating home case winner back to high court
  201. Bigfoot blamed in Idaho car crash
  202. Trump's border-wall proposal faces many obstacles
  203. 15 people shot, 1 killed at Cincinnati nightclub
  204. The Latest: Police: At least 2 shooters at Cincinnati club
  205. Alabama officials: 2 teens, 2 adults killed in small plane crash
  206. Officials reopen Hawaii beach after suspicious item examined
  207. Nissan recalls more than 56,000 cars, cites power steering
  208. Vegas Strip reopens after gunman surrender, fatal shooting
  209. 1 killed when car goes airborne, strikes ceiling of tunnel
  210. 92-year-old NC man receives Purple Heart earned in WWII
  211. Massachusetts sixth-grader going to bus stop cited for trespassing
  212. Mystery swirls over the death of 33 reptiles
  213. N.J. family sues to demolish house after creepy letters from "The Watcher"
  214. Dad trolls son with bad grades sign at NBA games
  215. Fearless diver pulls giant hook out of shark's belly
  216. Michigan, Flint to replace 18,000 lead-tainted water lines
  217. Bearizona wildlife park in Arizona on lockdown due to armed suspect
  218. Lawsuit: South Carolina officers shot unarmed man 19 times
  219. Hungry gator eats golf ball after getting bonked on the head
  220. Homeowner's son shoots, kills three would-be burglars
  221. 13 states urge appeals court to OK Trump travel ban
  222. Marijuana legalization could leave provinces responsible for pot rules
  223. More TV streaming services join U.S. market, leaving Canada far behind
  224. 'A perilous pipeline': Indigenous groups line up against Keystone XL
  225. HMCS Saskatoon helps U.S. Coast Guard with huge cocaine bust
  226. Not-dead man declared deceased by Canada Revenue Agency
  227. View from above of March Madness
  228. Calif. police looking for "car surfing" daredevil caught on video
  229. Heads up! 30-lb. wild turkey crashes through car windshield
  230. Man sentenced to 40 years overall in Memphis officer killing
  231. Fake doctor gets 10 years for bogus, deadly butt injections
  232. Girl stabs another student at Florida high school
  233. Missouri governor says Trump might intervene on Real ID Act
  234. Man exonerated for attempted murder free after 20 years
  235. Waffle House grease seeped onto neighbor's property, lawsuit says
  236. Crayola to retire color from iconic 24-count crayon box
  237. Police: Bus shooting suspect says he feared larger passenger
  238. Civil War-era relics unearthed at Pittsburgh construction site
  239. Group files lawsuit over U.S. border searches of electronic devices
  240. Supreme Court reverses Texas ruling on death row inmate
  241. Donald Harvey: 'Angel of Death' serial killer badly beaten in Ohio prison
  242. Texas church bus crash: 12 killed, 3 injured in collision with pickup truck
  243. Marines to Offer Retention Bonuses for F-35, V-22, F-18 Pilots
  244. ewelry heist suspect says he came to Las Vegas from Mexico
  245. Dallas woman gets 60-year prison term for illicit injections
  246. Military veteran making steel US flags shows his mettle
  247. TSA seizes cane that delivers 1,000,000-volt shock
  248. Fence catches Arizona burglary suspect with his pants down
  249. Calgary train driver returns lost purse with $1,300 to passenger
  250. Explosion outside Saskatoon courthouse rocks downtown